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a short review of his new work with the stooges and peaches () etc.:

:::IGGY POP:::
Wild Love
Iggy & The Stooges

[...] This album explores the creative process that gave birth to nearly all the Stooges albums. Starting with a jam session, an oldie or two, or maybe a blues riff, the songs gradually took shape and were refined from there. Here we find the Stooges in rehearsal, messing around with songs by Bo Diddley, Bob Dylan, Cream, and the Paul Butterfield Blues Band. We hear the beginnings of songs that never went any further, like "Old King Live Forever", "I Come From Nowhere" or "Wild Love", which had as much potential as any of their best material. And we have some very impromptu jams such as "Move Ass Baby" and a fascinating James Williamson solo performance.

Much of this material has never been heard before, in any form, as it's been buried in unmarked tapes in the Bomp vaults. In addition, we've included a few songs that have been out on unauthorized European releases, but the versions here are either completely different, or noticeably better in quality.

Track: Wild Love / Pin Point Eyes / Hey Baby / I Come From Nowhere / I'm So Glad / Ballad of Hollis Brown / Delta Blues Shuffle / Old King Live Forever / Look So Sweet / Mellow Down Easy / I'm a Man / Move Ass Baby / Til the End of the Night

More info at »Bomp Records«

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