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i´ve seen tamasaburo bando, :one of the most opalescent onnagata-performers talking about his feelings concerning the art of japanese theater and of japanese population´s lost relation to this art which allagedly utterly knows the appearance of a kabuki actor but tho would not be able to identify him as "kabuki" performer. anyway,, this guy´s success — so it´s been said— had been predicted long before it came up by numerous masters in contemporary kabuki scene. this individual really really fascinated me ,,,,for everyone who is interested in kabuki or noh or any japanese theatralics should go here (·)
a lot of the plays he was involved in are published on dvd and vhs, you can get them as japanese imports (--unsless you live in tokyo or kyoto anyway)

{{for those who didn´t get in touch with this so far}}::: kabuki is a folkloral form of japanese theatre that has been existing since late 17th and finally blossomed out in the 18th century. it is the pendant to the arsitocratic Noh-thaeatre, which was a minimalistic and concervative mask-theatre. kabuki arose from the ruins of the japanese noble-period (that´s when samuraii know) and was kind of a rebellion against it´s rigidness. as one of the so called "onnagata"(=idealized female role) -actresses involved herself into prostitution at the cost of kabuki, the theatre had been strictly reformed and replaced the female players by (first) adolescent males and (then) by adult males. this tradition lives on. -no women on kabuki stages.


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