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...dening, the mytology of sex, 1996

this is a frangment out of a great book my ount gave me -it´s one of the very few books i read in english tongue (too bad i´m so fucking lazy)
...however,-it´s kind of a mixture of a socioanthropological and ethnoglogical book and i found it very very great even though the autor (who´s female by the way [...which gives some objectivity to this thing hehe]) dedicates at least half of the book or more to the
western world and occupies with "our" gender-cultural theme in a more or less chronological manner.

so here is the fragmet about mesopotamian ishtar-cult
under dening´s chapter »sex in ancient civilisations« ..- enyoy!..

Sarah Dening — »The Mythology Of Sex« © 1996

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