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trad. spanish fan language:

pulling through hand -I hate you.
holding in right hand -follow me.
holding in left hand -I´m seeking for aquaintance.
holding to right ear -leave me alone.
gliding over forehead -you have changed.
letting flutter with left hand -we are obeserved.
carrying in right hand -you are venturous.
letting flutter with right hand -I love someone else.
gliding over cheek -I love you.
presenting in closed state -do you love me?
gliding over eyes -please forgive me.
touching outer edge with finger -I want to talk to you.
letting rest on right cheek -yes.
letting rest on left cheek -no.
opening and closing -you are gruesome.
letting hang down -we remain friends.
fan slowly -I am married.
fan quickly -I am engaged.
open widely -wait for me.
on lips -kiss me.
holding in hand in open state -come, converse with me.
holding behing head -do not forget me.
holding with splayed little finger -good bye.

emerged from the 17th century (spanish aristocracy) ...passed over mainly to england and france (fan academies founded in paris and london).
all the tendences using this form of communication finally died out by the second world war (at the latest).

somewhat of a reality-historical "capriccio",, isnt it? :)
.......the only reality about mankind is noting but naked lunacy


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