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...˜titian under the spell of giorgione?!?˜

topical title: sleeping venus, ~1505-10 in venezia, giorgione/giorgione and titian('!??')

»donna nuda«, topical title: 'venus' of urbino, 1530´s in venazia, tiziano vecellio

N O T E:
i´m afraid the following theme is only bearable for those who aren´t totally bored-to-death by fine arts. ;)

..well, - and for all of you, who are impassioned, greedy consumers of art, I dare to bring something exciting to discussion: you may heard of the speculations running between experts and reserchers (which by the way still enjoys highest actuality) 'round the probably most legendery of giorionesque works, his allegoric 'sleeping Venus' of circa 1505-10; -meanwhile, it´s almost publicly "known", that Tiziano was the individual, who finished this one after giorgione´s hour had come (which is douptless in my opinion; it´s proved that they had contacts). recently, there are tizian-researchers appearing on the screen, [for ex. johannides *], who seemingly intend to
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Dr. Phil. Arthur Rosenaurer (he´s just adorable!)

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