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the gash in the bible!?
one does not have to be an art researcher to know
Jheronymus van Aeken´s resp. Jheronymus Bosch´s popular and numerously paraphrased triptych with the melodious name
"the garden of delights";
Prof Dr. Arthur Rosenauer had lately mentioned a certain art historian´s point of view in the course of his lecture concerning the inorthodoxical theme in the middle of the three-piece "altar" (as long as you can call it one), this standpoint
of an individual called Belting (I think this guy´s german) seriously claims that the depicted theme originates from a gash in the bible, resp. it illustrates the situation that would have been present incase that the fall of mankind through eve wouldn´t have occured. this thought obviously seperates him form most art historians common opinion which,of course, explains the legitimation of the theme presented in this remarkably grandious dominance in both, position and dimension
through the root-medival tendency of

heaviliy charging earhly lusts and pleasures, treating them as a spoiled path that remotes the cristian manchild from it´s god. reason enough to be astonished by his theory concerning the altar-piece. but what if the altar has never been an altar, (which is more than obvious as this theme is too vague and the work in general carries too much of bosch´s individualistic handscript for being accepted to 'shine' in the curch-absis in the middle of a late medival society). although it´s almost sure it was commissioned as an intimate and personal object of devotion, ((who knows, i opine Henry III simply had a hidden fondness for chorots of 'to-be hellchats')), I consider it as highly impropable that Belting´s point of view matches..generally, it wasn´t common (it isn´t even today) to depict a "what _if"-bible scene with a comprehensible chronology and a modified consequence as a religious artwork. : least of all in a medival-sensed picture that is built exactly like a traditional triptych. ...for detto information on mentioned lector,, klick the link below.

arthur rosenauer

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