And(¨th)ro~femme! (andthro_femme) wrote,

...a million thanks and a thousand packs to miss-tina and matt-pee!

heyho my dears! - I just got your package and I have to admit I was OH SO enchanted by it —(((.... wintersky was specially grey and Agness was specially down the day she got your colourful gift, which made her simle through the entire remaining day!)))
just to accentuate how funny that situation was::: I had to pick your packege up from the post-station a couple minutes away from my silly little appartment and that funny guy just couldn´t resist to giggle as he gave it over to me. : overwhelming... I can´t decide wich was sweeter; the way it looked or what it contained. ;P
anyways; Its been at least a duzen years since I got a pile of candy by someone! — deeply respect. {you´re real seducers}!

--(ps: I´ll return your letters soon!)--
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