And(¨th)ro~femme! (andthro_femme) wrote,
andthro_femme between 1910 and 34

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Photography of Ezra Pound, 1917
Alvin Langdon Coburn

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Alvin Langdon Coburn The Octopus,
New York, 1912 (The Coburn Archive,
The International Museum of Photography,
George Eastman House)

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Kasebier Gertrude (1852-1934)
Gargoyle in Latin Quarter
ca. 1910
gum bichromate print
18.7 x 14.7 cm.

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Alexander Rodtschenko (1891-1956)
the girl with „Leica“, 1934
45x29,5 cm
The Moscow House of Photography

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Kuhn Heinrich  (b. Germany, 1866-1944) , Austrian
29.4 x 23.3 cm.

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